Point of Difference

One of the biggest challenges business owners and professionals face is how to differentiate themselves from competitors offering similar services. All too often, the answer is to yell louder – to spend more money getting their name out in the marketplace with the hope of building stronger brand awareness. A better answer is to be smarter. To focus on specific areas, segments or niches where you can achieve an advantage driven by experience, client concentration, or thought leadership. We refer to this competitive advantage as the Specific Edge. When you identify your Specific Edge, you also identify your point of differentiation.

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Rudolph: The Reindeer With A Specific Edge


Once upon a time, there was a reindeer who was ridiculed and alienated because of his red nose. Initially, it was a painful setback and Rudolph wanted to be rid of the trait that made him stick out. But the story that would “go down in history” is a powerful metaphor that outlines how the traits that set us apart…

Singing To The People: Carole King’s Specific Edge And Career Success

Carole King

A Specific Edge combined with Sustained Effort is a sure-fire combination for long-term success for your average American as well as renowned and beloved celebrities. Take for example acclaimed American songstress Carole King. King’s Challenged Beginnings The fact that King even became a singer speaks to her Sustained Effort. Not at all a product of privilege, she grew up in…

Who Do You Want To Attract: People, Or People Who Need You?

Strategic Networking

The trick to standing out in a crowd is to peel yourself away from the relative sameness and present yourself as something different. Being specific can help create a compelling message. Don’t deceive yourself about the challenge required of this exercise. It’s a natural tendency to want to make as many options available to your audience as possible. Cast your…

Procter and Gamble Takes Position on its Specific Edge

procter and gamble

For too long, generalists have ruled the roost in big name companies casting their nets far and wide. But now, with time and experience, even massive corporations are finally realizing the incredible power of specializing over generalizing. Consumer products behemoth Procter and Gamble, once with a finger in every pie from shampoos to pet foods, is both endorsing and confirming…