Point of Difference

One of the biggest challenges business owners and professionals face is how to differentiate themselves from competitors offering similar services. All too often, the answer is to yell louder – to spend more money getting their name out in the marketplace with the hope of building stronger brand awareness. A better answer is to be smarter. To focus on specific areas, segments or niches where you can achieve an advantage driven by experience, client concentration, or thought leadership. We refer to this competitive advantage as the Specific Edge. When you identify your Specific Edge, you also identify your point of differentiation.

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Wien’s Irreverent Super Bowl Ad Review 2015

Super Bowl Ad

Welcome to my 16th annual irreverent Super Bowl ad review! Last night, we all learned an important lesson.  Never underestimate the importance of experience on the field. Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl title for the fourth time in 14 years.  The Patriots could not be deflated by the controversy that has surrounded them over the past…

Who has the Specific Edge in Super Bowl XLIX?

Super Bowl

The New England Patriots and The Seattle Seahawks will meet on Sunday night for the biggest NFL game of the year. Who will emerge the ultimate victor is anyone’s call. That each team won its division championship is a testament to their finely honed Specific Edges. For the Seahawks, that edge is in superb defense. The Patriots on the other…

Google Glass Finds Success by Leveraging Its Specific Edge

Google Glass

Google Glass was to be the tech breakthrough to put all other tech breakthroughs to shame. This wearable technology that delivers amazing advantages to its users seemed the stuff of science fiction. But Google failed to recognize its Specific Edge, and the product has struggled since its 2012 release. Google Glass: An Innovation In Search Of An Audience Google Glass…

McDonald’s Returns to their Specific Edge

McDonald's Specific Edge

What began as a hamburger joint in 1940 has wandered some distance from its passionate beginnings — and is hurting as a result. McDonald’s, the very epitome of what we understand to be “fast food,” now sells steak, egg and cheese bagels; sweet chili chicken wraps and chicken bacon clubhouse sandwiches — in addition to burgers. The restaurant’s expanding-menu evolution…

Rudolph: The Reindeer With A Specific Edge


Once upon a time, there was a reindeer who was ridiculed and alienated because of his red nose. Initially, it was a painful setback and Rudolph wanted to be rid of the trait that made him stick out. But the story that would “go down in history” is a powerful metaphor that outlines how the traits that set us apart…